Hello World, Welcome to UDTHEMES!


Look who’s finally got a blog up and running! : P

It might have taken us about three years to finally get our blog up, but hey, that’s only because we’ve been focusing on our products instead – and you know it. Yea, you know it!


If you have no clue who UDTHEMES are and what you’re doing reading this post, do stick around and let us introduce ourselves. We’re a small “Premium WordPress Theme Shop” that sells creative and portfolio WordPress themes and HTML templates exclusively on ThemeForest.

We started out about 3 years ago on ThemeForest; a marketplace where you can find thousands of WordPress themes and HTML templates for sale by various creators. We were first known as UDFrance, which was founded by Christian Lundgren from France (duh!), but then quickly changed it to UDTHEMES (short for UnlimitDesign Themes) when Farid Abdulhadi from Sweden joined.

In our 3 years of operation we’ve released 11 WordPress themes and 13 HTML templates – and, obviously, provided numerous updates and support for them. We’ve also discontinued many of these products as time took its toll on them and they got outdated. We’ve sold over 22000 copies of our products so far and even been lucky enough to have our products used for the official websites of Slaughterhouse and Eros Ramazotti. They’ve also been used by Masaharu Morimoto (Iron Chef) and N1ON. We don’t like to brag… but we’ve had some really awesome people use our products one way or another over the years. (We just said we don’t like to brag.. that doesn’t mean we won’t. : ) ) We also have a whole bunch of awesome designers and photographers using our themes around the globe.

Without Further Ado

We’re thrilled to launch our new site, which by the way is a customized version of one of our WordPress themes called Everest, and blog where we plan on providing you with tutorials, tips and tricks, inspiration and news relating to our products.

If you’ve stuck around this long, make sure you check out our WordPress Themes and HTML Templates. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.