Cartel WordPress Theme – Homepage Slider Setup


A popular feature in our Cartel WordPress Theme is the full width slider in the portfolio project pages. Many of our customers wanted to be able to use a similar full width slider on the homepage and so we went ahead and added this in one of the later updates. You can see it in action in the White Alternative Demo.

We recently created a couple of step-by-step video tutorials to show how to set up the full width slider in Cartel. They are easy to follow and clearly explain how to add slides and captions. You can follow the steps in these videos to set up the full width slider for both your homepage and portfolio. Note, however, that the options mentioned in these videos are not available for the shortcode slider.

Creating Your Slider and Adding Slides

Points to note
  • Slider images must be uploaded to the page you are working on.
  • The “Display Opt.” setting must be set to “Display in Featured Slider” for every image you want to use as a slide.
  • Do not click on “Insert Into Post” once you’re done. The media modal automatically saves your changes so there is no “Save” button.
  • You need to use at least 2 slides for the slider to function.

Adding Captions

Points to note
  • There is no “Save” button. Changes in the media modal are automatically saved once you click outside the field you’ve edited.
  • Do not click “Insert Into Post” once you’re done.

As always, don’t forget to check out the online documentation and support forum if you need help with anything.

Stay tuned for the next tutorial :)