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Ego WordPress Theme – Homepage Slider Setup

The first thing you’ll notice in the demos of our one-page Ego WordPress Theme is the full screen slider. In this post we’ll show you everything you need to know about setting up the homepage slider in Ego, which is very different from how the sliders work in our other WordPress themes. The two videos below are easy to follow and clearly explain how to create your slider and how to add captions to your slides.

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31 Inspiring Quotes for Designers

Everyone can do with a little boost of inspiration every now and then and the same goes for designers and other creatives. That’s why we’ve shared a few quotes with our followers through our social networks and now that we have our blog up and running we’ve collected them all here for you.

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Hello World, Welcome to UDTHEMES!

Look who’s finally got a blog up and running! : P

It might have taken us about three years to finally get our blog up, but hey, that’s only because we’ve been focusing on our products instead – and you know it. Yea, you know it!

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