About Us

a team of creatives


What we're selling

We design and build themes that scream with attitude and function like clockwork. Our themes are aimed at freelancers and small to medium sized business owners that want to stand out from the rest. We continue to design and develop new themes on a regular basis and strive to continuously come up with new unique looks and top of the line functionalities as well as to update our existing ones.


When it happened

UDTHEMES was created in mid 2012 by three web professionals from Norway, Sweden and Japan. Being an international bunch from different backgrounds, professional experiences, and with complementary skills they teamed up with the aim to create products that embody high quality design, ease of use and management, and high customization by the average WordPress user; hence, a hassle free product!


Our Mission

To produce and provide the coolest themes around by mixing the type of high attitude design that gets you noticed with kickass coding and options that makes managing them a walk in the park!


Christian Lundgren

Co-Founder / Lead Designer Christian leads the design aspect of each theme and is responsible for making sure that each theme and UI has the right amount of attitude and good looks. When not pushing pixels you'll find him snowboarding, travelling, watching the big bang theory, and knocking back a few drinks with friends.


Farid Hadi

Co-Founder / Lead Developer Farid leads the development aspect of each theme and is responsible for making sure that they function like clockwork. When not hammering out awesome code to rap and rock music, he likes watching comedies, chilling on the beach, reading up on marketing and knocking back few beers.